With HeadQ you can build easy to use product configurators.

In order to use Configurator Builder, you need to have a Product with Product options in place. You can create a new product in the Products section. Please note that your product must have Options. Options are the unique options customer chooses between to configure the product they want. You can add, edit and remove Product Options from Product Options view.

How to use Builder

Our Configurator Builder lets you create an easy-to-use configurator without coding.

Key components:

Blocks: Think Blocks as building blocks of your configurator. "Add a new block" and edit the information.

Blocks types: product items, text, pricing module, fields, button

You can arrange blocks by dragging them from the side handles. We recommend having the Pricing block as the bottom to make it easy for the customer.

By default configurator is two-column. The best practice is to have configuration options on the left-hand side and the instructions for the process/product on the right-hand side.

You are able to insert an image into the configurator. You can use the configurator without the image.


Name of your configurator

Thank you message for user after the configurator has been completed


Copy-paste this code snippet to the place in your website where you want your configurator to appear.

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